About Kwame Nkrumah Academy

An African Centered K-8th grade Charter School. 




Ericka Williams


Experienced administrator supporting reinvestment schools, providing collaborative, intensive and comprehensive support based on strategic needs validated by data, best practices and individual needs of each school. Worked in collaboration with a cross-functional network support team that leverages the support and identify core District initiatives and identified district metrics for k-12.


Mahiri Anderson

Assistant Principal

Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University), Master's of Arts in Teaching (National Louis University) and Masters of Arts in Education Administration & Supervision (Saint Xavier University) with extensive experience in technology implementation and integration, along with community development.

Board of Directors


Board of Directors


Iva Carruthers 


Carol Edwards


Sydneye Wilson


Tobia Thurmon


Charlotte Blackmon


Enora Brown


Tony Burroughs


Jeremiah Wright


Yvonne Jones


Shirlene Small


Colleen Halliman-Wiggins


Board of Directors Meetings

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Our Values 

  • Our Values

    Informed by research, KNA interprets African-centered education as “education that integrates African and African-American culture, identity and schooling to develop and affirm the whole child - personal, emotional, intellectual and social.” We see education as a process of a shared experience that affirms the human dignity and rights of all people. 

    KNA’s approach to teaching and learning is based in an African concept called Ubuntu which means, “I am because we are” and “my humanity is expressed through your humanity.”

  • Vision

    The vision of Kwame Nkrumah Academy (KNA) is to be a global model of African-centered teaching and learning, a center and community of academic excellence and uncompromised expression.

  • Mission

    The mission of KNA is to equip students with a strong sense of personal identity, requisite ethical moorings, and academic and leadership skills to prepare them for participation in the global community of this century. This mission is rooted in the belief that teaching and learning is a reciprocal and virtuous task and a call to achieving excellence.


Kwame Francis Nwia Kofie Nkrumah

KNA is named after the first president of Ghana, Kwame Francis Nwia Kofie Nkrumah, born September 21, 1909. He is considered a founder of the Pan-Africanism Movement. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1939, then went on to earn a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania in 1942 as well as a Master of Art in Philosophy the following year. In 1945 he left the States for London where he helped organize the fifth Pan-African Congress in Manchester, England.

 President Nkrumah was quoted as saying “It is in our hands to join our strength, taking sustenance from our diversity, honoring our rich and varied traditions and culture but acting together for the protection and benefit of us all. His motto was “Forward ever…Backward never”.

First President of Ghana

21 September 1909 – 27 April 1972